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z privátu Anastasia TOP
Praha 8, Za Karlínským přístavem

ID - 45162

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777 145 803
Mluvíme jazyky: Česky Anglicky Německy Slovensky Francouzsky Rusky Španělsky Italsky
Věk:20 let
Výška:160 cm
Váha:47 kg

Hey guys, My name is Nastya. Have you had a long day and want to spice it up with someone s@xy, fun, and exci@ting, like me!!! You will enjoy my sweet and energetic attitude, and I never rush. I just want to relax and enjoy our time together. I love what I do and I promise that you will too. So stop wasting time and call me, I do it like no other........'im looking for someone who will treat me as wonderful as I know I can treat them. I am a fun, exci@ting young nice lady, with brown eyes and light-black hair., Give me a text if your interested in meeting for private, fun time with me!!! I love this city and can't wait to spend my time getting to know you! Serious inquires only...

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