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z privátu Dasha NEW
Praha 3, Olšanská

ID - 47115

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775 618 513
Mluvíme jazyky: Česky Anglicky Německy Slovensky Francouzsky Rusky Španělsky Italsky
Věk:24 let
Výška:165 cm
Váha:47 kg

Hello ;-) Its my first time in Prague and first time I start this way of lifestyle. Im young girl with passion inside me, I like too feel love vibes around Let's meet and make some spontaneous decisions that will take us to high peak of pleasure. Life is short and it is always better to do something then to do nothing ;) Can't wait to see you and I hope I will do everything right :) I'm always ready to listen all your worries and dreams Just give me a message on WhatsApp or SMS on my number +420 775 618 513 Hope to see you soon

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